JUST RELEASED -- GlimpzBiz is a Contact Sales Management (a CRM hybrid) tool which integrates sales transactions with your customer contacts to provide a complete view of you and your customer's activity with only a few clicks!

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JenLee Data offers Canadian companies customized website design and web or desktop data applications. We create templates and reporting tools specific to your needs. We have experience in business process improvement within the following business categories: sales (wholesale, retail), payroll and logistics.

We offer services in Windows or Unix/Linux environments:
  • Web Design - HTML5 (PHP, JavaScript, CSS3)

  • Web Hosting - We can build and host pages for you!

  • Data Process Automation - Complete web or desktop applications such as payroll, invoicing, logistics, CRM/CSM, Quality Control Logs, etc.)

  • Admin Tools/Reporting - web forms, spreadsheet graphics and macros

  • Plug-Ins - edit existing applications and/or add new functionality

We have many tools to tackle any new project, create a plug-in or modify an existing situation. We focus on returning value from your resources by developing efficient and user-friendly applications.

Our core values are respecting the customer as ourselves, data integrity and privacy. Business to business activity is a human exchange - let us enjoy it together!

We would be pleased to provide an effective solution for you. To begin, please follow this secure link to contact us.

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British Columbia